Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

"The American dream" in english

Fiftysix years have passed since Allen Ginsberg became one of the leading heads from the beat generation. It was an underdogs lament of the american society, an exclamation. It belongs to times, when the american dream was living reality. In the new millenium, the former global player lost lots of its shine.

Levi Strauss went to America
the land of unlimited possibilities
and limited minds
sewing rugged trousers
for the workers
which made America great.

Bridges and streets
hospitals and playgrounds
rotting on broad daylight
whole districts
the factory belt
nestling like a smooth ribbon
up to the continent
became a barbed wire fence
for all of them daring
to pick holes
into the american dream
only wishing to wake up
while the organ is playing
false notes
sounds like god, in a corn field
or the crackling noise of machine guns
sparkling oil springs
giggling corruption
apple pie & chewing gum.

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